The aesthetic heart of The Astor Social Club lies somewhere between powdered wigs and and gold grills, between Dita Von Teese and Kanye West. Well-heeled, well-traveled and well-styled come together with fine spirits, private nooks, a bit of aesthetic quirk and a knack for pulling stimulating conversation from even the shyest of guests. The Astor has upped the bar for an authentic Miami social experience. Find your sweet spot amongst curated bits & bobs (perennial reminders of Mr. Astor’s erstwhile voyages), high-back chairs, plush lounge sofas, and a wee bit of leopard print thrown in for good measure. One thing is for sure: we at The Astor far prefer velvet couches to velvet ropes.

So go on, have the glitz and glam of South Beach and when you’re done, come back to decompress and engage in a stimulating conversation you can actually hear. Or just spend the whole night in the throes of our exceptionally cozy ambiance. We’re here to welcome you, no matter what state you’re from, or what state you’re in.

Charmingly unique. Statedly understated.

Welcome to the Astor Lounge.