Top 10 Best Cryo Cuff Shoulder 2020 Reviews

Are you an athlete? Or do you often play a sport or do an exercise? Nevertheless, you might have experienced some shoulder pain at post-activities. Since shoulder pain can be really irritating to your everyday activities, it is time for you to get yourself some personal therapy. In this case, a cryo cuff shoulder or therapy pad can be your best option. Beyond that, the cryo cuff shoulder therapy is also a perfect choice for those recovering from shoulder surgery. Therefore, we have come up with the ten best available shoulder therapy pads for you to consider. Do not overlook this article since if not for yourself, you might want to purchase one for your loved one.

Product Features:

Cooling or Heating Therapy: You should choose carefully between cold or hot therapy for your shoulders since both have different features. The cold one is for pain relief while the hot one is for reducing stiffness and improving blood circulation. Or you might want to choose the one that can do both; however, usually, it comes at a higher price.

Time Usage: You might want to purchase a therapy pad that can last for hours and reusable from time to time after freezing or heating. Or if the timing is not your concern, you can find a therapy pad at a much cheaper price.

10. Cold Water Therapy Shoulder Pad for Cryotherapy Unit – Pad Only for Circulating Ice Machine for Surgery, Rotator Cuff

 Cold Water Therapy Shoulder Pad for Cryotherapy Unit - Pad Only for Circulating Ice Machine for Surgery, Rotator Cuff

First, onto the list, we have a cold-water therapy shoulder pad from M Pain Management Technologies. This shoulder pad utilizes the cryotherapy machine to ease and massage the pain of your shoulders. Rest assured that this is the kind of accessories you look for if you need a pad for rotator cuff, shoulder, surgery, swimmer’s shoulder, sprains, or injuries. Building under the name of healing therapy, this shoulder pad will equip cooling relief to any areas of your shoulder to reduce swelling and the pain. Even if you have a more chronic condition, there is nothing to worry about since the therapy pad is also made compatible with sports injury and surgery recovery. This pad can be used with both hot and cold units. Besides, this also promotes better blood flow and ease your discomfort resulted from post-operative pain or traumatic injuries. With the assistance from this therapy pad, you will have control of your recovery at ease.


  • Cooling Relief to Reduce Pain and Swelling
  • Compatibility with Sports Injuries and Surgery Recovery
  • Enhanced Blood flow

9. Polar Products Active Ice® 3.0 Shoulder Pad Cold Therapy System with Programmable Digital Timer, 16 Quart Cooling Reservoir

Polar Products Active Ice® 3.0 Shoulder Pad Cold Therapy System with Programmable Digital Timer, 16 Quart Cooling Reservoir

We have a shoulder pad therapy system from Polar Products in our ninth place. An upgrade from the previous one, this shoulder pad uniquely has a programmable digital timer to allow you to design the custom off and on cycles by your own need. Thus, now you can set the timing according to the treatment recommended by your doctor. On top of that, this model is specially designed for drug-free pain and post-surgery relief. With this special design, cold therapy will help to slow down blood flow to an injury place in order to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain as well as stimulating tissue healing. This cold therapy system is also whisper-quiet meaning that your sleep or activities will not be interrupted with its soundless working environment. Besides, since this colding system comes with a very large cooling reservoir (9 quart), you do not have to repetitively refill your ice from time to time.


  • Programmable Digital Timer
  • Large Cooling Reservoir
  • Quiet Working System

8. Pro Ice Adult Shoulder and Elbow Real Ice Pack Wrap Wearable Cryotherapy Support PI200

Pro Ice Adult Shoulder and Elbow Real Ice Pack Wrap Wearable Cryotherapy Support PI200

Down to number 8, we have a pro ice adult shoulder support from Pro Ice-Cold Therapy Products, an excellent choice for sportspeople. This shoulder cooling system can treat both your shoulder and elbow at the same time with its icing therapy, and it fits comfortably with both your left and right shoulders. This is a great pick for a tennis player, golfer, or those with post-surgery recovery, bursitis, and rotator cuff injuries. While the ice therapy helps to ease the pain, the compression will help to penetrate your joints, muscles, and ligaments. This product is also made reusable and washable for you to use with its soft fabric wrap that comes with removable ice packs, where you can easily place in your freezer during its idle time. You will have an excellent cryotherapy experience with this shoulder cooling pad for up to 1 hour with its windowpane design that utilizes real water solution to allow for consistent freezing and thawing. Besides, this product also comes with a one-year warranty for you.


  • Treatment for both shoulders and elbows
  • Reusability and Wash-ability
  • Consistent Freezing and Thawing

7. NatraCure Hot/Cold & Compression Shoulder Support 6032

NatraCure Hot/Cold & Compression Shoulder Support 6032

Like the early product, this hot and cold shoulder support work compatibly with either left or right shoulder. If you are going through a recovery stage, place your confidence whereas it helps to accelerate your recovery while helping to relieve pain from your shoulders. This NaTraCure shoulder pad is also made reusable and washable so that it be can your assistant for years to come. While in using this, all you need to do is to choose whether you want a cold or hot therapy, then place the gel pack to chill in a freezer or to heat in a microwave. And, it also can fit up to 50-inch chest and work effectively. This shoulder pad from NatraCure is also sold at a reasonable price tag. And, you will get a full package when you purchase this such as a support, a compression air pump, and a removable cold/hot gel pack. This shoulder support is also created based on the adaption of the latest medical technology; thus, it is totally risk-free for you.


  • Support for both cold and hot therapy
  • Reusability and Wash-ability
  • Adaption of Latest Medical Technology

6. Arctic Flex Shoulder Ice Pack Brace

Arctic Flex Shoulder Ice Pack Brace

This shoulder ice-pack brace from Artic flex is designed with detailed support for post-surgery recovery, sprains, and strains, at a very affordable price. The ice brace helps to provide the pain-relieving compression in order to stabilize and support your shoulder in a very effective way. You should not get confused with its name “Ice Pack Brace”, since, in fact, it can provide both cold and hot therapy very flexibly. Artic Flex uses a uniquely designed gel pack secured in a mesh pocket that stays flexible after frozen to help contour your shoulders for soothing relief. This gel pack is also filled with a non-toxic gel that can be heated for hot therapy if you want to sue it to reduce your stiffness, improve your mobility and blood circulation. This shoulder brace is also made adjustable for compression fit according to your need. You can customize this shoulder brace for up to the length of 57” by just moving the fastener tab, thanks to its latex-free-neoprene blend.


  • Efficient Pain-Relieving Compression
  • Compatibility with both Hot and Cold Therapy
  • Adjustable Compression Fit

5. Vive Cold Therapy Machine – Large Ice Cryo Cuff

Vive Cold Therapy Machine - Large Ice Cryo Cuff

Coming down to our mid-rank, we have a cold therapy machine from Vive. You will get a full package when you purchase this cold therapy machine including one ice therapy machine, one universal therapy pad, one insulated connector tubing, and three adjustable straps. This machine is designed for immediate pain relief from soreness and discomfort. You will be surprised by how effective and fast this machine helps to alleviate your swelling, inflammation, and paid following your injury or surgery or arthritis. To live up to the price, Vive design this machine for ease of use whereas the machine is totally noise-free and the whole package is very compact and portable for you to carry around with its integrated carry handle. This machine is built to last with its composite materials that come with reinforced seams. Its connector tube is also built to ensure that the temperature does not change throughout the treatment cycle.


  • Full Package
  • Efficient and Immediate Pain Relief
  • Noise-Free
  • Longer-Term Use

4. Arctic Flex Cold Shoulder Brace – Right or Left Compression Wrap Strap Band – Men and Women

Arctic Flex Cold Shoulder Brace - Right or Left Compression Wrap Strap Band - Men and Women

We have another shoulder therapy from Artic Flex on this list. This time, the shoulder brace has dual compression support for both cold and hot therapy that can help to relieve swelling, pain, and inflammation in your shoulder. You can also wear this shoulder brace directly on your skin without any clothes. You also get a full shoulder coverage therapy from wearing this brace. Meanwhile, its gel pack is also flexible enough when frozen to contour your shoulder for excellent pain relief. And, if you want a heat therapy instead for your muscle spasm, blood circulation, and mobility, feel free to heat up the gel pack. This should brace also has an SY inflation system that allows you to inflate the air bladder to a comfortable compression level. This product is also designed with two firm fastener straps to help you adjust the brace to your body side at ease, not to mention that it is constructed using a premium polyester blend. When you purchase this item, you also get a 60-day unconditional warranty, so feel free to get one now with confidence.


  • Dual Compression Support
  • Easy Inflation System
  • Adjustable Fit
  • 60-Day Unconditional Warranty

3. übertherm Shoulder Pain Relief Cold Wrap

übertherm Shoulder Pain Relief Cold Wrap

In our third place, we got shoulder cold wrap from übertherm, a unique brand. A distinction from all the products earlier, this one provides cooling therapy without freezing the gel pack by incorporating freezing materials. This method can help you heal faster, according to research. This shoulder cold wrap utilizes the latest patent-pending layered conduction pocket to provide you with safe, gradual, and precise cooling, just above the painful freezing end. This product is a great pick for shoulder surgery pain, orthopedic pain, bursitis, and tendinitis. And if you are specifically looking for an after-sports icing and physical therapy, you should not overlook this one. Besides, you do not have to worry about over-using it on your skin as it does not use the freezing technique. Its cooling therapy is also long-lasting, thanks to its various chambers that have been filled with proprietary high-performance and premium gel. However, you might need to pick a side of your shoulder when you purchase this one.


  • Non-Frozen Gel
  • Premium Materials
  • Long-Lasting Cooling Therapy
  • Effective Pain Relief

2. Thermopeutic Shoulder Compression Ice Cold Gel Wrap

Thermopeutic Shoulder Compression Ice Cold Gel Wrap

You can get ready for a long cooling therapy with this ice gel wrap from Thermopeutic. This cold wrap is designed with a long-lasting cooling formula that can last longer than any of the available cooling gel in the market. It is also made to fit most body side whereas it will fit your shoulder instead of fitting your shoulder under the wrap. You can also add more compression with its neoprene strap to your liking. This shoulder compression wrap works compatibly with general pain, muscle ache, arthritis, pinched nerve, throbbing, stiffness, surgery, sprains, bruises, strains, inflammation, etc. This product works with incredible effectiveness and efficiency despite its very affordable price compare to the above products. Beyond this, you will get a lifetime warranty from Thermopeutic when you purchase this shoulder cold wrap. You can get a 100% recovery for whatever reason that you are not satisfied enough with this product.


  • Long-Lasting Cooling Therapy
  • Body Fit
  • Affordability
  • Lifetime Warranty

1. SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy Shoulder Wrap with Compression and Extra Ice Gel Pack

 SimplyJnJ Cold Therapy Shoulder Wrap with Compression and Extra Ice Gel Pack

Down to our champion, this cold therapy shoulder wrap from, SimplyJnJ is a perfect selection for any shoulder. This cold therapy wrap is specially designed for your shoulder with specially focused treatment. It can help with all kinds of shoulder-related issues including rotator cuff injuries, bursitis, shoulder dislocation, arthritis, muscle tears, tendonitis, shoulder impingement, etc. And, you can use this product with either side of your shoulder. This cooling gel also considers the need for compression for smoother technique in curing swelling and inflammation. You can use the attached air pump for your desired compression level for better coverage and cooling penetration. A distinction from earlier therapy products, this one comes with an extra ice gel pack so that you can enjoy the treatment for a longer time. The gel pack is also perfectly reusable, leak-proof, and free from toxin. You can also enjoy other kinds of activities while wearing this cooling gel pack, thanks to its attached kits and special design for movability. Besides, you can get this one from SimplyJnJ at an affordable price despite all the mentioned features.


  • Compatibility with all kinds of Shoulder relating issues
  • Flexible Compression
  • Extra Ice Pack
  • Movability
  • Affordability


So how are our suggestions? We hope that you already picked one in your mind, either for yourself or for your loved one. Enjoy your shopping!

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