Top 10 Underwater Metal Detector 2020 Reviews

Do you enjoy going scuba diving? and do love the experience of underwater treasure hunting? Looking to going scuba diving at the beach and hunting for treasure could not be made easier if you have just the right tools for detecting those tiny metals at the bottom of the water. Metal detecting under the water can be a lot harder than on the ground but bear in mind that your chance of spotting your little treasure can be higher than your chance on the ground since not many people would go underwater to hunt treasure. Hunting for precious metal under the water needs more than just a highly sensitive device to metal, especially for saltwater, since it needs to go deep under the surface of the water and to distinguish between wet sand, ground mineralization, and actual metal you are trying to find. So, if you are trying to find the best underwater metal detector, you might need to consider our recommendations on our list of top 10 underwater metal detector you will ever need!

Product Features:

Very Low Frequency (VLF) sensitivity: A good underwater metal detector has to be highly sensitive to the tiny and thin metals under the water. You may also need to consider the type of water you are hunting in. For a high sensitivity metal detector, it has a very low frequency (VLF) feature that allows the hunting for treasure a lot more effective if you are hunting in freshwaters like lakes, rivers, and other water bodies.

Pulse Induction (PI) ground resolution: if you are out to hunt in saltwater, the best feature that you may need to find when you purchase your underwater metal detector should be its pulse induction resolution points. The reason that the PI technology of the underwater metal detector probably works the best for saltwater is that the PI detector can be highly unaffected by the wet sand and the ground mineralization under the water.

Weight: besides the quality of the good detector, another feature you might go for is probably the weight of the detector. You might not want to go hunting and came back tired with just carrying your metal detector.

10. Garrett AT MAX Waterproof Metal Detector

Garrett AT MAX Waterproof Metal Detector

Our tenth-place underwater metal detector is our Garret AT MAX Waterproof Metal detector MS-3 with an 8.5×11 DD coil covered area. This design comes with a wireless headphone so that you do not worry about tangling your headphone trying to move your body under the water with the Lynk pointer system integrated to your MS-3 Headphone enabling you to hear sounds directly through your headphone six times faster than any other Bluetooth sound transmission detector. With the optimized low frequency of 13.6 kHz, AT-Max is proven to be able to detect even the smallest metals like coins and rings. AT-Max can be manually adjusted to Ground Balance Resolution mode, which is specifically designed to hunt under saltwater with its highest resolution of 175 points. All these adjustable modes in your AT-Max can be easily accessed on the LED-backlit screen of your detector that improves visibility under the low-light areas.


  • Adjustable modes of low frequency or ground resolution
  • LED-backlit screen
  • Wireless headphone

9. SuperEye 40 Meters Underwater Metal Detector

SuperEye 40 Meters Underwater Metal Detector

If you are planning on hunting treasure in the freshwater area nearby, you might want to look at this SuperEye 40 Meters Underwater Metal Detector we have on our top 10 list here. As the name suggested, this device can go deep into the water down to 40 meters deep and a large search DD coil of 8.6 inches. This 4.4lb lightweight detector has an adjustable detector stem ranging from 43 to 50 inches, which is convenient for all adults in their treasure search for precious metals like coins, jewelry. This model also comes with multiple operation functions with 3 colors LED indicator, audio distinguishing with adjustable frequency range, and audio mode that may help identify the different types of metals detected and transmit directly to your cord headphone. Finally, this SuperEye 40 Meters metal detector might just be the most suitable device for beginners looking to start the new experience of treasure hunting since this model is quite affordable.


  • Can reach down to 40 meters deep
  • Lightweight and adjustable detector stem
  • Affordable price

8. Nokta Makro Anfibio 19 kHz Underwater Metal Detector with Wireless Headphones

Nokta Makro Anfibio 19 kHz Underwater Metal Detector with Wireless Headphones

This Nokta Makro Anfibio 19 kHz lands number 8 on our ranking list due to its specialty in metal types discrimination, which efficiently saves you time in searching for precious metals in a midst of waste under the water. This model Nokta Makro Anfibio has a low frequency of only 19 kHz underwater with 11 inches Waterproof DD Search Coil allowing a larger area to be search more faster and accurate for even smallest metals like gold coins and platinum earrings under freshwater or even in the soil. If you are hunting with this device under the water, bear in mind that this model can go deep to 5 meters with IP68 protected from total dust. Packaged with a wireless headphone, this device brings convenience distinguishing types of metals when detecting one, getting rid of the uncomfortableness of the cords. Finally, another thing to mention here is that it comes with a coil cover, USB cable, AC charger, and a two-year warranty just for you.


  • Low frequency down to 19 kHz
  • Wireless headphones
  • Wide DD coil coverage of 11 inches

7. Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector

Our fully waterproof model Garret 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Metal Detector can go down to 10 feet into the water. This model is specifically designed in orange color for higher visibility in the low-light area under the water. With its focused designed on high sensitivity, the model allows users to adjust in 3 sensitivity levels to adapt to various environments aiming for higher effectiveness in discriminating metals among the other debris in the ground or in deep into the water. If you aim to go hunting in the saltwater area, you can also opt for mineralized grounds or wet sand, etc. Another point worth mentioning is the quick recovery button that you can press anytime, and the detector will quickly recover to its default whenever you need to hunt for your next treasure targets under the water. Oh, there’s an automatic function that alerts chirping sound when the button is not pressed for more than 5 minutes.


  • High visibility in a low-light area
  • Multiple sensitivity levels
  • Quick recovery button and a reminder alert for recovery

6. SHUOGOU 750 Underwater Metal Detector

SHUOGOU 750 Underwater Metal Detector

This model Shuogou 750 underwater metal detector has a high waterproof capacity that can allow the device to go down to 100ft deep into the water. This design incorporates two technologies that can switch from very low-frequency mode (VLF) to pulse induction (PI) mode to adjust to any environments: ground, soil, freshwater or saltwater areas. Shuogou 750 is equipped with multiple function modes ranging from Diving searching, Public security check, Police detecting, Professional archaeology, Pinpointing decoration line, etc. When a metal is pinpointed, the Vibra-iking 750 will signal you with pulses of vibration and flashes of bright blue light so that you can accurately be able to distinguish the detecting signals.


  • Can go down to 100ft underwater
  • Multiple application options
  • Adjustable VLF and IP mode

5. ETE ETMATE Metal Detector

ETE ETMATE Metal Detector

The ETE Etmate underwater metal detector is specially designed to detect all kinds of metal from irons to gold if you plan on hunting in the saltwater areas since this particular model is designed with a PI technology, which is very handy for professional divers or the beach since it can go down into the water at 100ft deep. Unlike other detectors, this model ETE Etmate allows two options to alert the treasure hunter when it detects a metal which is to vibrate or show LED lights. Users may not need to worry about the environment the detector is used in since its very design is to fit into any rough conditions with its sealed and sleek design to protect it from any mud and dirt on the ground. You can also opt for VLF mode for freshwater bodies and it still accurately detects metal with its low frequency of only 20.28kHz and its 3.9 inches DD coil search cover.


  • Adjustable VLF and PI modes
  • Option to vibration or LED light when metal is detected
  • Can go down to 100ft deep in water

4. Wedigout Metal Detector

Wedigout Metal Detector

And here is another product on our list that is designed with Pulse Induction Technology (PI) that allows hunting precious metal in freshwater, in saltwater, on land, or in any type of soil you can think of. This very product can be adjusted to VLG mode for the sensitivity option mainly used under freshwater. With its sealed design and stainless steel stem, the detector is made just for long-lasting usage and durability, with a side of the feature that allows user to switch between multiple applications ranging from: Search for Metals, Keys, Coins, Jewellery, Relics, Needle/pin and much more, on Beach, Mountain searching, Diving searching, Archaeology, Public security check, Police detecting, etc.


  • Multi-functions for various environments
  • Adjustable VLF and PI modes
  • Sealed design to adapt to any conditions

3. Allsun Pro Underwater Metal Detector

 Allsun Pro Underwater Metal Detector

This model Allsun Pro underwater metal detector may just be the right choice for all the professional metal hunters under the water since it allows the detector stem to go deep and extends itself up to 20 cm under the water for you to reach your metal detecting way better. This model is specifically designed for deep hunting into the water and is great for use by professionals and treasure hunters altogether given its high performance and its affordable price for everyone. The design also has an LED light display on the metal detector when a metal is detected, especially at night-time. and the LED light also comes in handy to show different functions such as mode, depth, and sensitivity to adapt to the environment of the water. Coming with a low battery alert, it allows user to be prepared and track the detector battery conveniently. Again, this product allows users to switch options with its incorporated designed technologies of VLF and PI modes.


  • Adjustable VLF and PI modes
  • LED lights for improved performance
  • Multi-application modes and a low battery alert

2. TTLIFE Pulse Induction 750 Underwater

TTLIFE Pulse Induction 750 Underwater

The TTLIFE Pulse Induction 750 Underwater metal detector is designed specifically for metal hunting under saltwater. With its feature of sea-based water, this detector can go deep into the water down to 30 meters deep and it communicates to the treasure hunter with Vibration & Light, when a target is located, the PI-iking750 signals with pulses of vibration and flashes to notify the metal has been detected. When the target is getting near, the vibration frequency will increase to conveniently pinpointing the exact location of the target faster. The model also comes with a built-in low battery sensor alerts you when the battery is low. With the option to change to VLF mode of low frequency 20.28 kHz and detection width of 3.9 inches, this device can also be used to detect even the tiniest metal in freshwater, on the ground, or soil.


  • Adjustable VLF and PI technologies
  • Can go down to 30 meters deep
  • LED light and vibration when metal is detected

1. DR.ÖTEK IP68 Waterproof Metal Detector

DR.ÖTEK IP68 Waterproof Metal Detector

With its weight under 9 ounces, our top list DR. OTEK IP68 waterproof metal detector pinpointer is the latest design to fit deeper underwater treasure hunting experiences. Due to its lightness, this detector is also suitable even for kids for their little treasure hunting. You might also find the alert button useful whenever you want to reconfigure your detector by just pressing to get it to work. This design also comes with a 5-minutes auto shut down which is very efficient in battery saving. With its sealed design, this IP68 model can go deep into water up to 32 ft waterproofed so that your metals cannot get away from your pinpointer device. It is also equipped with 4 different levels of LED light and vibrations to distinguish the types of metal being detected by the device. Additionally, this model DR. OTEK IP68 is quite affordable despite its endless list of pros.


  • Lightweight even suitable for kids
  • Can go up to 32ft deep waterproof
  • 4 levels of LED indicators and vibrations
  • 5-min auto shut-down battery saving mode


We hope our top 10 list has been a big help to you in choosing the most suitable underwater metal detector. And we also hope you have an amazing time hunting the underwater treasure with our recommended metal detectors. Have a great time shopping!

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